Preserving Keratinized Gingiva After Multiple Extractions

It is not uncommon to need to remove multiple adjacent teeth in a patient. Traditional surgical technique emphasizes trimming of the marginal gingiva, including the interdental papillae in order to facilitate primary closure of tissue over the surgical site. This technique has been around long before tooth replacement with dental implants was the standard of…

Four Bicuspids

Orthodontists frequently refer patients for removal of 4 erupted premolar teeth to alleviate dental crowding. Proper surgical technique is necessary to prevent root fractures and alveolar plate injuries that would hamper the orthodontic treatment. This topic is discussed in this video. Run Time – 7:23.

Immediate Management of a Palatal Root Sinus Perforation

The roots of maxillary posterior teeth are frequently close to the maxillary sinus floor. Small perforations into the sinus can occur with extractions, especially when periapical pathology is present. Managing this properly will minimize the risk of a chronic oral-antral fistula developing. This video discusses such a case and how to manage a small perforation.…

Extraction #20 with immediate implant

Even when it is not in the Esthetic Zone, atraumatic extraction technique is critical when the extracted tooth will be replaced with an implant. This video shows a technique to remove an endodontically-treated mandibular premolar, followed by immediate implant placement. Duration – 12:30

Non-Extraction to Avoid BRONJ

Osteonecrosis of the jaws is a significant complication of the the use of bisphosphonate drugs. Dental extractions should be avoided in patients who have been on the IV preparations Aredia and Zometa. This video shows a technique to submerge non-restorable teeth in these patients, that would otherwise be extracted. Duration: 18:36.