Managing a Bleed During an Extraction

Bleeding from an extraction socket can occur during surgery or in the postoperative period. The management is basically the same. In this video, Dr. Reznick demonstrates what to do if you encounter bleeding while taking out an impacted third molar tooth. Pressure, pressure, pressure. Running time: 12:59.

Meet the Cogswell(s)

One advantage a specialist has over a GP is exposure to, and experience with, a variety of surgical instruments that were designed to facilitate a particular procedure. There are many designs of elevators besides the straight design. One of Dr. Reznick’s favorites is the Cogswell B elevator. In this video, use of this instrument is…

Exposing a Palatally Impacted Maxillary Canine

Patients are frequently sent to oral surgeon by orthodontists to aid in the eruption of an unerupted maxillary canine tooth. The technique is different for a palatal impaction versus a tooth that is located more facially. CBCT imaging is the most reliable way to make the determination of tooth position and orientation so that the…

Removing a Maxillary Mesiodens

A supernumary tooth in the midline of the maxilla is referred to as a mesiodens. These are fairly common, and easily removed with proper planning and surgical technique. This video shows how this is accomplished in an 11 year old patient. Run Time- 6:58

Management of a Palatally Impacted Canine (HD)

Impacted maxillary canines can be found on the buccal or palatal aspect, or deep within of the maxilla. Where the tooth is located affects the surgical approach and technique to bring it in to the proper position. 3D imaging is essential to assess the orientation and position of the impacted tooth. This video shows a…