CBCT and Implantology

In the last ten years, a lot has changed in dentistry. The most significant is the explosion in 3D technology that has allowed for the integration of CBCT, CAD-CAM, and 3D printing and milling. CBCT-planned fully guided surgery allows the clinician to plan implant surgery based on the desired final prosthetic results and to deliver…

Piezotome Extraction with Immediate Implant

Removing an ankylosed root in an older patient can be challenging. It is even more so when the surgeon is attempting to remove the root as atraumatically as possible, so that a dental implant can be immediately placed. Just like with any other task, having the right tools makes the job more efficient, precise, and…

Immediate Implant at No. 20

In this video, the technique of atraumatic extraction of an endodontically-treated, fractured mandibular premolar is demonstrated, followed by immediate replacement with a dental implant. A sterile Isolite mouthpiece is used to provide airway protection, site isolation, jaw support, and patient comfort. Run time- 14:24

Essentials of Implantology and Guided Implant Surgery

This video is not coupled with continuing educational credits.  Do you want to learn how to place dental implants? Learn the right way, from an experienced oral surgeon and educator. Essentials of Implantology and Guided Implant Surgery will teach you the fundamentals that will get you off on the right foot for your implant journey.

Basic Instrument Setup for Implant Surgery

One question many dentists have when beginning to place dental implants is “what instruments will I need to have in addition to the implant kit?”.  You don’t have to go crazy spending money, but there are some basic instruments that you should have that will facilitate implant surgery. Dr. Reznick reviews his list of basic…

Basic Guided implant Surgery: Astra Tech System EV

Guided implant surgery has improved the accuracy and efficiency of dental implant surgery. A prosthetically-based plan, combined with fully-guided placement facilitates optimal implant positioning and restoration. This video shows how the Astra Tech Implant System EV Guided Surgery kit uses these principles to deliver optimal results for our patients. Run time- 19:03

Surgical assistant scrubbing and gown/gloving

This video is not coupled with continuing education credits.  This video shows the technique for the implant surgery assistant to scrub and put on a sterile gown and gloves using supplies from the Salvin Dr. Reznick Sterile kit (https://www.salvin.com/Reznick-Sterile-Kit-Case-of-4-pluREZNICK-PACK.html).

Implant kit cleaning tricks

This video is not coupled with continuing education credits.  It is important to properly clean, dry and sterilize and implant surgical kit. Improper technique can lead to oxidizing and dulling of the drills. Since a guided surgery kit generally costs about $5000-6000, not knowing the proper protocol can be expensive.