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*Oral Surgery 101: The Basics Before You Start*

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    Silence is Golden (HD)

    11:44 Published: 01/26/2014

    Rather than showing how to do a specific procedure, Dr. Reznick discusses some concepts that are generally only taught to surgical residents. In this video, the subjects of consistency and efficiency and how they apply to oral surgical procedures is presented. Run time- 11:43.

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    Bisphosphonate Osteonecrosis – What You Need to Know

    34:21 Published: 08/30/2013

    Bisphosphonate-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaws (BRONJ) is a recently recognized complication of a class of drugs that is used to treat osteoporosis and bone disease in a variety of cancers. Millions of patients have been exposed to these drugs. There is a lot of incomplete information and misinformation around regarding dental management of these patients. This course attempts to make some sense of it all. Run Time – 34:21

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    Surgical Extraction Fundamentals

    18:42 Published: 08/21/2013

    This course discusses the basic principles involved in surgical extraction of teeth. Strategies for single versus multi-rooted teeth are outlined. Duration 18:42.

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    New Instruments for Atraumatic Exodontia

    15:16 Published: 08/21/2013

    A new design of exodontia instruments has been introduced that modifies the surgical procedure to minimize trauma to the extraction site. These instruments are demonstrated, and typical cases are illustrated. Run Time 15:00

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    Informed Consent for Oral Surgery

    12:56 Published: 08/21/2013

    Before an invasive surgical procedure can be performed, the patient must give their Informed Consent. But, what does this mean. And what must be discussed. Isn’t Informed Consent just the paper they sign? Find out in this course. Duration- 12:55.

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    Impacted Wisdom Teeth – The Basics: Part III

    22:15 Published: 08/21/2013

    The third course in this series covers the basics of removal of impacted teeth, including flap incisions, bony exposure and sectioning. Run Time- 22:15.

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    Impacted Wisdom Teeth – The Basics: Part II

    10:54 Published: 08/21/2013

    In the 2nd part of this series, Dr. Reznick discusses the common complications of third molar removal, as well as the possible effects of not removing them. Duration: 10:53.

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    Impacted Wisdom Teeth – The Basics: Part I

    29:19 Published: 08/21/2013

    This is the first in a series of 3 videos that discuss the rationale and techniques for the removal of impacted third molar teeth. This course covers classification of impactions and preparation for surgery. Length- 29:18.

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    Common Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice

    37:18 Published: 08/21/2013

    Medical emergencies are fortunately uncommon in dental practice. However, it is extremely important to be familiar with the most common conditions which can occur, so they can be diagnosed and managed properly. This video reviews the basics of what you need to know for the medical emergencies that are most likely to occur in dental practice. Duration: 37:17.

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    Basics of Oral Surgery – 1

    13:44 Published: 08/21/2013

    Dr. Reznick discusses some basic approaches to performing oral surgery procedures, discusses what instruments to have on your surgery basic instrument tray, and talks about his standard office perioperative medication routine. Duration- 13:44

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    Basic Surgical Extraction Instruments

    18:36 Published: 08/21/2013

    Knowing which instruments to use is a basic requirement of performing surgical extractions. The instruments you should have at your disposal are reviewed in this course. Run Time -18:35

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    Welcome to

    11:45 Published: 07/26/2013

    Introductory Video presented by Dr. Jay Reznick. Run time 11:45