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  • Luke- There are a few options here. First, I like that you thought of using an EV Profile implant for this site due to the resorption pattern of the ridge. That is exactly what it is designed for. You have the apex of this implant placed just engaging the floor of the sinus, which is

    Dr. Jay Reznick, 10/20/2017
  • Hello, I am looking for some insight from some experienced surgeons so I thought that I would post this here 🙂 This is a friend of mine, and really wants an implant placed in the #13 area, The sinus has pneumatized a bit and I am running into the sinus floor when I virtually place

    Lucas Eichmeyer, 10/18/2017
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In this video, the technique of atraumatic extraction of an endodontically-treated, fractured mandibular premolar is demonstrated, followed by immediate replacement with a dental implant. A sterile Isolite



  • DentsplySirona
  • Acteon- Piezotome
  • Loupecam
  • Sabra
  • Karl Schumacher

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