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  • We just use a sterile towel over the patient and another over the patient’s forehead. I don’t think you need anything fancier than that. The oral cavity is not a sterile environment.

    Dr. Jay Reznick, 08/26/2016
  • What is everyone using to drape a patient for surgical exts/thirds? At the omfs program I was at, we used a large sheet drape and reusable surgical huck towels that were laundered. Not sure about the logistics/cost of doing something like that vs disposable. Just wanted to see what everyone else was doing?

    Ashley Conway, 08/24/2016
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Digital technology has changed the way we practice dentistry… for the better. The integration of CAD/CAM and CBCT has improved our diagnostic ability to treatment plan toward



  • Loupecam
  • StemSave
  • Sabra
  • Karl Schumacher

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