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SilvermanC-17 roots fx

There is no such thing as a “simple” extraction. Even very straightforward procedures can have complications. In. this video, we see how to deal with fractured roots



  • We start our patients on saline rinses and CHX on the first post-op day. We only have them not rinse on the first day. Our experience has been that the surgical sites are cleaner and there is no increased risk of dry socket.

    Dr. Jay Reznick, 08/04/2015
  • I’m new to the website. I was watching the new video “I thought it would just pop out” and noticed that CHX was prescribed for use both pre and post-op. Does the post operative use of CHX increase the risk of clot displacement and subsequent dry socket? This has always been my fear so I’ve

    Jeremy Miller, 08/03/2015
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For those doctors who deal with oral surgery problems and procedures in their practices, either because they choose to, or because they have no choice, this is your new online virtual video textbook.

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