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PharmaDocs Episode 5 – 12/23/21

In this episode, the PharmaDocs discuss Lyvispah and Entadfi, two new drugs that have a significant on dental practice. They also discuss management of angina pectoris in the dental office.

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PharmaDocs Episode 4 – 12/9/21

Drs. Reznick and Roberson discuss two new drugs, Fasenra and Besremi and talk about how these medications can impact management of dental patients. There is also more discussion of pain medication for dental procedures.

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PharmaDocs Episode 2 – 11/11/21

In this episode, Drs. Reznick and Roberson discuss new drugs Opzelura, Wegovy, and Aduhelm and why every practicing dentist should be familiar with them.  They also begin a 2-part discussion of NSAIDs.

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